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The verdict reflects not so much the triumph of law, but the lawyer’s quality.
Welcome to the homepage of the law firm Johannes Engelmann.

Six good reasons why you should choose us:

1. Our business location – Berlin – capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, center of western and eastern Europe.

2. Direct representation of our clients in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other states of the former Soviet Union.

3. Fluency – the law firm’s employees speak fluent german, russian, english and ukrainian.

4. Employees – the law firm’s owner Johannes Engelmann is an approved lawyer in Germany with eight years of work experience in Germany and seven years in Russia. The members of the law firm’s professional staff also have long-time work experience.

5. Business activities – first consultation, procuration, legal support

6. Attorney’s Fees
– according to the German Federal Statute on Attorney’s Fees (RVG), reasonable proportion between performance and remuneration, individual agreements.

Our law firm is based in the capital of Germany – Berlin. The city is not only multinational, but a bridge between western and eastern Europe. The city was not chosen randomly; it is home to the biggest russian community in Germany. Many people do not only come to Germany for permanent residence, but with the aim of business creation, business initiation, academic studies and so much more.

How can we be of service?

We offer our clients a wide range of legal services: first consultations are given in personal meetings as well as via telephone, letter or e-mail. That is why we do not only attend to persons who have their permanent residence in Germany, but also from other coutries, especially from states of the former Soviet Union – from Russia, Ukraine, the baltic states and so on. The existing partnerships with law firms and attorneys in other states give us the opportunity to solve our client’s legal problems on location. This is done by us or at times in coorparation with our partners.

We provide you with legal advice in german, russian or english language. Furthermore we also service legal or natural persons in terms of company incorporations, opening of corporate agencies and subsidiaries as well as with issues regarding the reorganisation or liquidation of a legal person. We also provide you with legal support regarding the acquisition and/or disposition of real estate, contractual arrangements, trademark registration, enforcement of claims or acquisition of the right of residence.

Our profession’s foundation is strict confidentiality and the optimised solution of your problems. Our clients value the competent and individual support. We attach importance to our clients’ personal, professional and corporate interests and find solutions within adequate time limits. Mandates of our clients are handled thoroughly considering the timing and economic factors.

Legal problems require lots of time and effort. Such situations call for the support of an expert who is able to provide real assistance.

In urgent cases you can reach us through our 24 hour hotline at 09005 10 32 55 (ˆ1,86/Min).

Our adress:
Schillerstrasse 4-5
10625 D-Berlin-Charlottenburg

Tel.: +49 (30) 310 13 310, +49 (30) 310 16 755
Fax: +49 (30) 318 04 235
24h-Hotline: 09005 10 32 55 (ˆ1,86/Min)
Contact: Johannes Engelmann
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